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Come along to the land of Applied Creativity and Explosive Opportunity


... and review this property listing Executive Summary as your invitation to connect with a most sought after property in the Raleigh metroplex

Might I introduce you to a most unusual opportunity for a most unusual entrepreneur

Thirty plus years ago I created the nation's first digital animation media learning center. Thanks to a technical and creative production breakthrough of the times, the world of digital image making was born.  Living Arts College was to be in the center of it all for years to come. With other pioneering firsts in higher-education, studio design, CRM software, competency based learning systems, VR ... we're creating a new landing opportunity, for the media focused entrepreneur. It's right here at what is now Living Arts Studio Center. You're invited to join in at the Center as a qualified partner, property developer, inventor, media guru or beyond. This microsite should get you thinking.


Roger Klietz
Creative Director & President
& Founder, Living Arts College
and now Living Arts Studio Center

Executive Summary: PROPERTY++

Soaring land value plus 5 real-world income streams

Copy / facts on campus property and the new worth of the site for future development ... several $M review underway.

Details here ..

A developer has proposed clearing the site for construction of 150 upscale, multi story condos ...  placing the site land value above the current offering price.


Executive Summary: $37K MONTHLY HOUSING

SmartSuites housing with Marketing/Mgmt Automation

Copy / facts on campus housing open to public ... the marketing/leasing system that Living Arts Studio Center has created ... and is working beyond projections.

A developer has proposed clearing the site for construction of 150 multi story upscale, multi story condos ...  placing the site land value above the current offering price.

Boutique Hotel / ESL Language School

Gym or Film Sound Stage

Parking for Hire Land Available


Bonus income/use options

Copy / facts on campus added income options ... to be explained here and in linked fact page.


... be the partner, developer, owner, user or media pro and connect to these break-in, high reward services

Executive Summary: New

Find the reward that goes beyond real estate to becoming a 3D participant ... an Active Partner or Passive Investor

The BACK STORY ... Living Arts College and all ACICIS schools become victims of a continuing devise plan by the Biden administration to ....

Ths is only PLACEHOLDER COPY I founded Living Arts College some 30+ years a ago as the first studio digital learning site in the USA. We pioneered the first digital animation program, graduated 5 students with two heading to work at the George Lucas, Star Wars. George had just moved from wood crafted models to CG tech.

We continued pioneering as a small boutique college with breakthrough programs in the studio arts. We found our mojo in 2022 with 90%+ placement all of our degree programs.  production.

Tragedy struck in December 2022. The Biden administration attacked our accreditor effectively canceling all financial aid for a body of schools. The then, as the plan now, to force all of specialized ed under government, green deal control. Find the story here.

What follows is how you might share new riches born out of the tragedy of Living Arts. A new star is born as we introduce a new epicenter for the digital studio arts -- the monolithic domes of the new parent IMAGINIX llc. The plan and the promise follow.

Find breakthrough options that follow. I promise you high ticket enligthenment.

Roger Klietz
President & Creative Director

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