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IMAGINX is your global

connection to new studio film and media services

Studio Center
Raleigh, NC

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Offering breakthrough
professional development

Delivering hosted events in a studio setting

IMAGINX presents a world of media production know-how to the shared community of image makers everywhere.

A studio place for film and media creativity


IMAGINX  Studio Center is the launching pad for bringing your passions to gaining new skillsets at the studio level. Its time for you to go beyond YouTube or video shorts. IMAGINX has brought the best of all practices together bringing together today's media makers to  IMAGINX Learn by studio level experiences.  

We're busy turning our years of practice on set and on location into experiences that will reward you. Look forward to our launch date ... and you getting to experience the future. 

Experience pays when you connect your passion to a studio community of  mentors

IMAGINX president Roger Klietz has created a REELWORLD approach to growing breakout skills in today's media production.  Be invited to practice the art and science of  studio production practices. at an  IMAGINX WORXSHOP ... online and in the studio.  


Dream. Create. Soar!

IMAGINX is think higher continuing education for breaking out


Experience pays when you have a systems resource at the highest level of originality and performance

IMAGINX  President Studio Systems  Alan Klietz  is a gifted principal and  computer scientist. He guides delivery of practical solutions sourced from his industry leading experience as a machine level developer.

A complete online on-campus experience for advancing your place in the studio arts

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IMAGINX Systems as the premier resource


   .... creative services
       for film & media

   IMAGINX Beyond
delivering SAS for
          the future today

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